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Congratulations on the newest addition to your farm!

We're so excited you chose Open Hand Acres for your mini nubian addition! Below is the Goat Sales Agreement. Please read through carefully, ask any questions you may have, then fill out your information, sign & submit! Make sure to send your non-refundable deposit using one of the following options to secure your doeling or buckling!

Venmo: @Leah-McKelvy

Paypal: @LeahMcKelvy

Goat Sales Agreement
Please read this agreement fully before signing & submitting.
• CDT Vaccination (1st dose) will be given at 8 weeks upon request only. Booster is required 21-28 days later. • Kid will be disbudded (unless polled
 or paid for upfront in full). • Registerable kids will be microchipped. • Kid will come with MDGA Registration Paperwork (application and/or original certificate for transfer). • Transportation of livestock to the Buyer is the Buyer’s responsibility. • Due to the stress of transportation and adjustment to new living conditions, or differences in feed and water, Seller takes no responsibility for the health of the livestock after it leaves Sellers farm. • If Seller or Veterinarian deems transportation not suitable for the health of the animal (weather, length of trip, transport vehicle, etc. ), Seller will issue a refund to Buyer. • Seller makes no guarantees or warranties of fitness, height, show quality, kid production, udder quality, milk production etc. • It is recommended Buyer check your animal for “defects” before the animal leaves the property. Seller will disclose any known defects. No refund will be given after the animal leaves the property if a “defect” later appears. • Wethers will be castrated by banding before leaving Seller’s farm. Wethers will be a minimum of 12 weeks before banding.  Seller is not liable for scurs that can occur as that is a common possible side effect that can occur with disbudding.
• Seller does not offer any health or wellness guarantees after the goat has left our farm since we cannot control the management of the goat(s) once it leaves our farm.
• We are a closed herd & do not accept the return of livestock. All sales are final.
Deposit & Final Payment
• To hold an animal, a non-refundable deposit of $100 shall be paid as a partial payment towards the animal. The goat will not be held until the deposit is received. At this time, a pickup date will be agreed upon. Buyer shall pay the balance due at the time of pick-up by the buyer. Seller will determine if this time frame needs to change based on the kid’s needs. • The deposit can be sent via Venmo at @Leah-McKelvy By sending the deposit via Venmo, you are accepting that you have read and agree to the terms below. • Goats will not leave the farm and will not be issued registration papers until full payment is received. • Deposits on reserved goats are non-refundable except as otherwise noted below. - In the event of the loss of the goat or illness before possession date, Seller shall return any deposit paid. - Buyer has the option to review the condition and health of the goat, at Buyer’s expense. If Seller or Veterinarian deems animal unhealthy, Seller will issue a refund or replacement animal to Buyer. • Final payment is the balance due on animal. Buyer shall pay the final payment at the time of pick-up. • If reserved kid is not picked up by the pickup date, seller holds the right to charge buyer $2/day/goat boarding until picked up at second agreed upon date. If not picked up by the second date, the Buyer’s reservation will be forfeited and the kid will be placed for sale and deposit will not be refunded.

Leah McKelvy- Open Hand Acres         MDGA#3840
Beavercreek, OR 97004

This agreement is made between: Leah McKelvy (“Seller”) of: Open Hand Acres & (“Buyer”) information listed below

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