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Bella Rue

Red Barn Bella Rue


G6S normal by parentage

This lovely lady Red Barn Bella Rue, came to us from Fort Worth, Texas. She's 6th generation, polled, moonspotted AND blue eyed! She has fabulous genetics that I was searching for to add to my herd & I happened across her. She has show lines & milk stars in her pedigree, including her sire who took 2nd & 3rd as a yearling in MDGA virtual shows and her sire's sire who is a Grand Champion in MDGA virtual show who has produced many Grand Champions as well. She has lines such as Laz E Acres, Cornerstone Farm & Echo Hills. She has beautiful nubian qualities with a strong roman nose and a great top line. She's a breeze to milk with wonderful teat placement, size & orfices.

Blessed to have been able to add her to the program!

Paisley: Product

Bella Rue's PEDIGREE

Sire's Sire: Cornerstone Farm Moon Light +B

Sire: Laz E Acre's Finley +B

Sire's Dam: Echo Hills Bunny 2*P

Dam's Sire: Eddy Place Sherman

Dam: Eddy Place Nola Mae Blue

Dam's Dam: Eddy Place Nadine Blue

Bella Rue Profile

Bella Rue.jpg

Bella Rue (no hold)


Bella Rue (no hold)


Laz E Acre's Finley +B

Sire Finley.jpg

Echo Hills SG Bunny 2*P

Sire Dam Echo Hills Bunny.jpg

Echo Hills SG Bunny 2*P

Sires Dam Echo Hills Bunny Udder.jpg

Eddys Place Nola Mae Blue

Dam Eddy's Place Nola Mae.jpeg

Eddys Place Nola Mae Blue

Dam Udder Eddys Place Nola Mae Blue.jpg

SIRE'S SIRE & SHOW WINS:Cornerstone Farm Moon Light +B

Sires Sire Cornerstone Moonlight Show Wins.png

pedigree photos by The Back Ten & Goat Trails

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